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Bandar Imam Iron Ore Terminal

In order to import 8 million tons of iron ore per year, a new pier was built by Omran Falat in Bandar Imam Khomeini.

- Pier For 100'000 DWT bulk carriers

- Location: Bandar Imam Khomeini (N=3025'30", E=4605'22")

- Clinent: National Iranian Steel Co.(NISCO) / IRITEC

- Consulting engineers: SES, OGI pte.Ltd., Tazand, Faroor


- Deck: 304m x 26m

- Top of the deck : +7.5m from CD (chart datum)

- Dredged level: -15 m CD

- Dredging: 1'050'000m3

- Earthworks: 200'000m3

- Piling: 22'000m

- Formworks: 29'000m2

- Concrete: 70'000m3

The foundation of the pier consists of:

- 231 steel piles measuring 20m in length and 1.5m in diameter.

- 412 bored piles measuring 42m in length and 1.6m in diameter.

- 46 transverse pile caps measuring 23.8m in length, 2.8m in width and 1.4m in height.

- A 420m long front beam, 3.0m high and 2.2m wide, with 16 expansion joints.

The top deck beams and slabs are supported by piles and pile caps, consisting of:

- 120 pre-cast main beams 22.0m x 0.55m x 1.3m, installed on the pile caps.

- 42 transverse cast-in-situ beams 16.4m x 0.4m x 1.0m.


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