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Petzone Jetty 1 for petrochemical liquids

For the export of liquid products, the construction of jetty (no.1) has been completed by Omran Falat at the Petrochemical Special Economic Zone (PSEZ). The jetty has been designed for vessels up to 70'000m3.

- Location: Petrochemical Special Economic Zone (PSEZ) (N=3025'31", E=4606'04")

- Clinent: Petrochemical Special Economic Zone Organization (PSEZO)

- Consulting engineers: Faroor

- Jetty designed for vessels up to 70'000m3, equivalent to 45'000 tons

- Overall length: 307.62m

- Main body length: 128m

- Main body width: 28.2m

- Access bridge width: 25.8m

- Pier water depth from MSL (Mean Sea Level): -15.3m

- Top of the deck from MSL : +4.00

- Number of berthing dolphins: 4

- Distance of external dolphin: 89.8m

- Sea water level variation: 6.7m

- Concrete bored piles: 1'150m of 500mm dia.

- Steel piles: 7'728m of 900mm dia.

and 2'184m of 1'100mm dia.


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