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Petzone Jetty 2 for petrochemical liquids

For the export of liquid products, a second jetty has been constructed Omran Falat at the Petrochemical Special Economic Zone (PSEZ). The jetty has been designed for vessels up to 70'000m3.

- Location: Petrochemical Special Economic Zone (PSEZ) (N=3025'34", E=4606'15")

- Owner: Petrochemical Special Economic Zone Organization (PSEZO)

- Consulting engineers: Faroor

- Jetty designed for vessels up to 70'000m3, equivalent to 45'000 tons

- Overall length: 300m

- Main body length: 99m

- Main body width: 28.2m

- Access bridge width: 16.5m

- Access bridge length: 146m

- Pier water depth from MSL (Mean Sea Level): -15.3m

- Top of the deck from MSL : +4.50

- Number of berthing dolphins: 4

- Distance of external dolphin: 100m

- Sea water level variation: 6.7m

- Concrete bored piles: 1'730m of 500mm dia.

- Steel piles: 8'940m of 900mm dia.

and 1'924m of 1'100mm dia.



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